Doshi Diam has been a pioneer in the diamond trading-and-exporting field, and aspires to reach new levels of customer satisfaction and trust. We rigorously seek to provide the best service standards at the best possible prices, within a strict time-window.

Doshi Diam was founded by two visionary brothers, Mr. Bipin Doshi and Mr. Kirit Doshi, in 1985. Their unparalleled bond soon saw the company excel as it progressed and entered new markets and segments. Today, our team understands the diverse cultures of different markets - whether it be Hong Kong, India or anywhere else - and works with both in harmony.

To justifiably prove itself as #1 to its clientele, Doshi Diam dedicates itself to serving her customers with unprecedented service. Over the years of service, this leading diamond-trading company has found itself providing products to a plethora of customers. These include diamond jewelry manufacturers, fashion designers, mobile phone designers, optician designers, wristwatch designers and various event agencies, to name a few. We can proudly say that our diamonds have even honed the famous FIFA World Cup trophies!

Nevertheless, our clients are distributed all over the world, with a major market presence in Europe and China. We are also one of the major suppliers of Black Diamonds in the world.

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